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Patrick and Ryan return to put some thought into recent hardware releases in the market. This includes the new NVIDIA Turing-based Quadro and GeForce products and the AMD 2nd generation Threadripper processors. They discuss the move from Arm to tackle Intel in the mobile/notebook space with higher performance processing cores, what Intel showed analysts at its data-centric technology summit, and thoughts on if and how Tesla should consider building its own chips for autonomous vehicles.

NVIDIA announced a new GeForce RTX family of graphics cards this week at the Gamescom show in Cologne, Germany. I was on hand to demo the new products and got to sit down with NVIDIA's Tom Petersen to talk about the implications of the new technology, what it means for a gaming card to get AI and ray tracing capability, and what the future might look like for games.

Patrick Moorhead and Ryan Shrout are live at NVIDIA GTC 2018 and talk through the numerous announcements made. This includes the Quadro GV100 and the $399,000 system based on 16 of them called DGX-2. NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang also talked through improvements in training for robotics and self-driving cars with DRIVE Constellation, deep learning and AI performance increases, but nothing in the cards for gamers quite yet.

    Patrick Moorhead and Ryan Shrout talk through the announcements at CES from AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA, and determine what impact they will have on the technology landscape in 2018. AMD has a lot to live up to after a very successful 2017, Intel is using Radeon graphics technology for its latest processor, and NVIDIA cements its position in automated vehicles.